Lockdown-stranded Nepalis neglected across border in India

Sher Bahadur Singh
KTM-Buses after buses are being send from here to bring home people stranded in Kathmandu after the extension of the lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, no decision has been made so far to bring home the Nepalis stranded in various border towns in India due to the same for long.
It is said the Federal Parliament lawmakers, former ministers and student organisation leaders from Kanchanpur, Kailali and other districts of the Sudur Paschim state, who are based in the central capital, Kathmandu, are arranging for sending the people in the central capital home.

They have been sending out messages through social media collecting names of people who wanted to be rescued and go home after the extension of the lockdown. Looking at the messages related to this doing round in the social media, it gives the glimpse of canvassing during election time.

Although the MPs, politicians and student leaders from the State and based in the central capital are more than eager in the task of rescuing the lockdown-stranded people in Kathmandu to their homes, they are not as enthusiastic in rescuing the hundreds of Nepalis stranded in the Indian towns across the border who have now spend more than a month at quarantines in schools and other public buildings there.

Not even the State government, the local governments and the district administrations have made earnest efforts for rescuing the Nepalis stranded in border towns of India. Most of these people are migrant workers from Nepal.

The local administration in Kanchanpur district has notified the local levels in the district to keep people coming in the district from other places in quarantine for 14 days. But this notification is not effectively implemented giving rise to concern of spread of coronavirus infection.

“Although arrangements have been made for keeping in quarantine the people entering the district from India, nobody seems to be serious regarding bringing the Nepali citizens home,” a chief officer of security body here said. The official said no people’s representative has spoken of bringing home the stranded Nepali workers in India.

It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court has also ordered the government to bring home the Nepalis kept in quarantine at the Indian border towns, and if not to make arrangements for providing them food and accommodation there.

Meanwhile, the Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur district has said the district administration has not issued permit to bring people from any place including from Kathmandu.

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