Medicines worth Rs 1.69 billion imported

KTM- Medicines worth one billion 695 million 448 thousand rupees and raw materials for medicine worth 341.9 million has been imported so far during the lockdown.

Similarly, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies said that 123 thousand 627 metric tonnes food grains, 35 thousand 131 metric tonnes lentils, 52 thousand 479 metric tonnes vegetables, 16 thousand 862 metric tonnes fruits and 11 thousand 59 metric tonnes dairy products have been imported in the 40 days lockdown period.

According to the Ministry, the import of food materials has increased after the announcement of the lockdown. It stated that the import of food grains has increased by 136 per cent and that of lentils and beans by 85 per cent in the fifth week of the lockdown compared to the first week.

Similarly, the import of vegetables and fruits has increased by 39 per cent and 316 per cent respectively during the same period.

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